We are the Future of Mental Health Care

Wesana Health is a data-driven life science company pioneering drug development for mental health related conditions through psychedelic therapies.

Pioneering Innovative Medicine to Improve Lives

Wesana Health is composed of leaders from the scientific, research, medical and operations industries driven by a shared goal to improve the lives of millions.
Care Development

Care Development

We are forging a path to treating Major Depressive Disorder and potential future indications through our clinical program for SANA-013.

The Current Mental Health Situation

Pioneering Innovative Medicine to Improve Lives

People in the world suffer from depression.1
The burden of depressive symptoms has tripled since 2019.2
Almost one in three patients have treatment-resistant depression.3</sup

The Wesana Approach

New Mental Health and Performance  Paradigms Today,Novel Treatments Tomorrow

Care Development

Drug Development
Protocol Development

Uncover new indicationsValidate ProtocolsPersonalize TreatmentCollect & Integrate Data

Care Delivery

Behavioral Health
Protocol Delivery

Who We Are

A Human Driven Purpose

Attaining the NHL Stanley Cup was everything to Daniel Carcillo. He won two—but at the cost of seven concussions. This led to his early retirement from the sport and crippling symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury. Psychedelic therapy helped Daniel recover and gave him a new life mission: Empowering others to heal their own mental health challenges through the power of Psychedelics. 

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