Behavioral Health Monitoring Solutions

Get Patient Data When It Matters

Effective remote patient monitoring transforms Ketamine therapy into a best-in-class treatment protocol. Help your patients achieve quality outcomes by viewing their full journey through care delivery, not just time in the clinic.

Benefits to Practitioners

Wesana Powers Clinical Success

Remote patient monitoring empowers clinics to achieve superior outcomes for patients using psychedelic-assisted therapy. 


Patient Risk
Inability to monitor patients between visits can result in missed intervention. 

Lack of Standards
Streamlining protocols is key in Ketamine treatment.

Proving Efficacy
Developing optimal practices and outcomes requires real-time data.


Patient Visibility
No more guessing. Remote Monitoring alerts you when intervention is needed.

Data-Driven Protocols
Biometrics generate objective data, resulting in effective protocols and outcomes.

Provable Results
Robust patient data makes the scientific case for Ketamine as treatment.

Who It's For

Remote monitoring and measurement informed care is a new rapidly growing direction in healthcare.

Clinics Integrating Ketamine

Wesana Solutions is for clinics who administer ketamine to patients suffering from a variety of mental health indications and are looking to provide more responsive care.   

Wesana Solutions is also a clinical tool that will assist in delivering state-of-the-art care alongside other psychedelic compounds when they are legal for clinical use. 

Ketamine Infusion Clinics

Achieve more responsive care based on protocols driven by Wesana’s experts.

"Our remote monitoring product addresses the issue of missing patient information. We now have subjective rating scale outcomes paired with objective physiological data in one dashboard allowing us to make real-time decisions about our patients' care."

Dr. Abid Nazeer, CMO Wesana Health​

Platform Features

The Wesana Remote Patient Experience

Clinician Dashboard

Every patient’s status, at your fingertips

Your window into your patients’ world. Access a cross-patient view or manage individual patients with our user-friendly, easy to integrate system.

Patient App

Easy to use, it makes patient compliance a snap.

Enables remote management of wearables, facilitates self-reported data, and empowers stronger communication between doctor and patient. 

Patient Wearable

Never be left in the dark again.

Collects a passive flow of biometric data securely transmitted to the Clinician Dashboard for insights and actionable intel.

Other key features

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