About Wesana

Transcending Barriers to Achieve Mental Health and Wellness

Wesana takes an integrated approach to designing the novel therapies of tomorrow.

Vision for Patients

People are at the core of every winning team. Wesana believes everyone deserves to be an active participant in their own care.

Aware and In Control

Mental health need not be a mystery for patients. Remote patient tracking via biometrics and self-reported data demystifies one’s current condition so it can be tracked and improved upon. 

Novel Treatments

Innovative medicines offer a potential opportunity to increase effectiveness and decrease side effects for key conditions. Patients deserve the chance to explore trailblazing solutions based on rigorous data-driven analysis of efficacy and safety.

Affordable Treatments

A rigorous collection of data demonstrates efficacy and scientifically provable safety, leading to widespread insurance coverage and regulatory approval.

Personalized medicine

Mental health successes are not created via a one-size-fits-all approach because everyone is unique. Resilience, healing, and hope depend on individually tailored treatment.

Actively Monitored

Remote patient monitoring creates a holistic view for both patient and caregiver, positively impacting treatment.


People First

Committed to respecting the challenges of each individual and the ongoing partnership between our team, our patients, their families, and caregivers.

Rooted in Community

We are especially focused on aiding veterans, athletes, and Indigenous communities who have traditionally used psychedelics for health goals.

Evidence Guided

We base our approach on existing data that is constantly refined. We validate, measure, and offer quality care using promising multidisciplinary innovations.

Daniel's Story

One Champion’s Journey to Wellness

Daniel Carcillo earned the nickname “car bomb” during his 10-year NHL career for his explosive playing on the ice. Known for protecting his teammates, Carcillo helped Chicago win two Stanley Cup championships with the Blackhawks—but at great personal cost. He suffered seven concussions and was eventually diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome and traumatic brain injury (TBI). At his lowest point, Carcillo couldn’t even look at his phone due to light sensitivity and wanted nothing to do with his infant son.  

A hockey champion in grave need of off-ice help, he found it in a remarkable place: psychedelic medicine. Reflecting on the impact this emerging medicine had on his life, he saw a chance to help others realize the same benefits. He built a team of medical experts to provide world-class treatments and perform trailblazing research in psychedelic medicine. As Carcillo says: “A lot of TBI patients want to become the person that we were before the injury, but I’m trying to show people that you can actually get better.” 

The Wesana team is committed to achieving this goal by improving mental health outcomes—one person at a time. 

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